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Hi! I’m Jessica,
a serial entrepreneur who loves to share my passion for horses and our farm!



I am...

a Mom to 2 amazing Kids and lots of farm animals that are all creating a beautiful life.


A wife to a man that completes me in ways I never imagined and supports my passions day in and day out


A Christian that loves all people no matter race, ethnicity, color, religion or status in this world


a recovering doer, and over achiever.

a former collegiate athlete that used to hate her body.

a daughter to a successful equine veterinarian and a mother that was a powerful strong business women that loved her family, gardening and horses as much as I do!


obsessed with horses and the mystical, sacred teachers that they are for us humans!

exploring new gifts about myself every day and open to all opportunity to follow my purpose on the time I have on this earth.


hot, spicy feminine energy that boils in me!

started and run multiple successful businesses over the last 20 years.

a love and passion for all things old with new vibes and purposes

a desire for personal development and an opportunity to share with others.

room on my farm for those with an open mind and a willingness to make positive changes!

a dream to share our farm with others to provide a sanctuary for rest and relaxation

the power to make change for anyone that is willing to open up and let go


I have...

"The most majestic, magical experience I have come across in the coaching world is working with horses in my sessions. " 

~ Jessica Wuchterl



Hiring a Life Coach was the best decision I EVER made… well maybe after I decided to marry Kyle.

It was the most impactful shift in creating the life of my wildest dreams that I decided to become one!  I also decided to incorporate my animals into my practice!  They bring me so much joy everyday – so they are excited partners in my work!

The most majestic, magical experience I have come across in the coaching world is working with horses in my sessions.  They have healing powers and use mirrors to show us our true authentic selves.  Working with a horse for an hour can unlock mysteries in your life that would take six months in a therapist chair and way cheaper!!

You don’t have to be a horse person to work with us on the farm!  The only thing I ask is that you come to the farm with an open mind and heart to the possibilities of change!


The horses and I will help you find freedom, time, personal power and unlock the strongholds on your body!  We even honor a little magic in the process!  So please don’t hesitate a minute longer!  Please reach out and book a consult to see how best we can work together. 


I offer 1-1 packages as well as half day retreats on the farm.






Family Pic.jpg

The Farm at Grace Hill

Kyle and I are entrepreneurs at heart.  We have been working diligently since the moment we met to achieve our goals while on our way to accomplish the next goal! 


However, no matter what we accomplished, it still left me very empty inside.  From the outside it looked like we had it all.  We bought a beautiful farm, our kids were loving, caring, and independent and we loved raising them.  We had multiple growing businesses.  We had great family and friends that supported us in times of need.  But why did life still feel empty?  Why did Kyle and I have the same stupid argument that left me in tears about every 3 months?  Why did I feel like if one ball dropped life would be over as I knew it!  The pressure, the work, the juggling of schedules, all of it just became too much!

COVID was exactly what this mama needed.  She needed time spent home on the farm with her family!

During that season I hired a coach.  We met weekly and I noticed my life changing a little bit at at time.  We talked, she challenged, and I dug deep to ask myself some really hard questions.  As I reflect, it wasn’t life altering changes, rather it was little shifts week by week.  

So now, a few years later I find myself working on the farm, taking care of short and long term boarders and building a coaching practice!  I have the privilege of serving the horses and people every day!  I have dirt under my fingernails and I'm typically soaked with sweat.  But you want to know the best part? I love every minute! 


My joy, peace and tranquility is here on this farm with my family!  And my purpose is to share that time and space with others!


So however you found me here – know it is for a purpose!  I hope I can serve you in a way that makes you feel loved and worthy when you pull away.  If it is my coaching capacity or providing care at our facility for your four-legged friends.

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